Containers in Sifon

Now Sifon allows doing basics with containers in Sitecore 10.* - in fact, that is just a wrapper over the most of commands and operations. That is especially helpful for the beginners (see below why it is so).

Installing Docker and the prerequisites

There are 2 plugins in the Public Community Plugins Library that help to quick start with containers. The first does the whole preparation, installation, and configuration for you, followed by a machine restart.

The second script switches Docker to Windows Containers, as those being used by Sitecore images.

Containers plugins

Creating Container Profiles

That works similar to normal profiles in Sifon, however both features do not intersect. The same idea of creating a profile as a set of environmental settings to be easily switch is implemented for container profiles.

Containers profile

Out of the box Container Profiles comes with two predefined profiles: 'Sitecore 10 XP - Getting Started' and 'Lighthouse'. For a quick start, I would recommend starting with one of them before implementing solutions in containers. Please also familiarize yourself with more details on these solutions from their official repositories:

Container Profiles

This is how you can build, run and stop an instance containers with Sifon

Running containers environment

Please note: these commands apply to an environment from a selected containers profile. The very first run will take a while, as container images need to get downloaded to your host machine.

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