Sifon Sifon

A must-have tool for any Sitecore developer, to simplify most of your day-to-day DevOps activities



Use this link to download your copy of Sifon. The source code is available at GitHub.

Those prefer installing with Chocolatey pakage manager can do: choco install sifon

You can learn what's new at the Release notes page.


Getting started

Please take a look at this video before the first run, as it explains important bits, such as setting up a profile on the first run and what Profiles are. It also shows you how to obtain the latesy collection of plugins from a public GitHib plugins repository.

Here you may find even more quick start videos and instructions


Please go through the documentation in order to benefint the max from using Sifon.

Impressive features to arrive later

It took me big efforts in order to reach this point with Sifon becoming mature and publically available. And that's only the beginning!

Please use the above button to support me developing Sifon further ahead with lots of challenging milestones to reach, including containers support, automating most of your daily routines and the ability of creating GUI for virtually anything one can do with Sitecore.


Sifon is distributed under Apache License 2.0 license